Aggretsuko Water Bottle
  • Aggretsuko Water Bottle


    Adorable Aggretsuko small water bottle with character all around the bottle. Aggretsuko with all different types of attitudes and modes displayed for your entertainment, Sanrio has really done a great number on us, such a stylish product designed from Japan. 

    SKU: 05000
    • ANIME

      Aggretsuko is licensed from Sanrio.


      * Do not place in microwave or dishwasher.  

      * This product may contain small parts, may be harmful if swallowed.

      * Please handle with care and store out of the reach of children younger than 3 years old. 

      * This product may contain parts that have sharp points and edges.

      * Do not place near heat sources or fire

      * Manufacturer will not be responsible for any damages caused by inappropriate use of the products.


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